Sunday, July 29, 2012

Visualizations and Affirmations through Art

Art and art therapy can also be used to visualize goals.  Often when I have clients who feel stuck or hopeless about a situation, I encourage them to use art supplies to create their ideal situation, and to allow their imaginations run to wild and free.  Too frequently I have clients that come in and feel inhibited by their apparent lack of art skills.  Part of my job as an art therapist is to listen to their self-doubts, then encourage them to think of themselves differently.  Of course this takes more than one session, and yet this is the beauty of therapy as the unfoldment of the human spirit manfiests.

What I have created above and below in the images are visualizations of what I want to achieve.  The above image is my visualization for an art therapy studio complete with plenty of space, long work tables, natural surroundings, and a warm, inviting environment.
The image below is my abstract representation of what financial security looks like to me.  I unearthed an image of a golden bowl while doing a meditation on this topic, and realized that I always have access to abundance and financial security. 

It is important to belive in the symbols we use to represent our goals and gifts.  If one receives a symbol while thinking on a goal, affirmation, or idea, that symbol is a gift from spirit and the higher self.  As art is unique for each person creating it, the symbols are unique and special for each person.  Treasure them well!

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