Sunday, July 29, 2012

Understanding Dreams through Art

     Hi Everyone! Thank you again for viewing this blog. It is continually a work in progress, as are most things in life, and I feel honored when others experience what I share on this blog.

     Let's get started! I had a dream last week about an old school friend whom I was visiting, and their sister, (of which they do not have one in this reality) came out of a side room and handed me a bow. She instructed me to take the bow and hold on to it, as it was my duty to accept this bow. It was not my typical experience of a bow. This bow was elaborate in design and curvature, smooth caramel colored wood, and sturdy. It fit beautifully in my right hand, and I knew in this dream, it was mine.

     Despite this rather special dream, I woke up feeling confused and insatiably curious as to its meaning. Through my readings on dreams and understanding them, I have learned that making art to represent the dream is best at helping to integrate meanings presented within the dream. Furthermore, dreams are best understood with an open mind. If one is looking for concrete, factual answers to dreams, and demanding explanation for perplexing symbols, people, or conversations in the dreams, one might be disappointed.

     Dreams are living realities, and like any event occurring in this reality, acceptance and understanding of the magical mystery of dreams is one's best bet. This is not to say that dreams that seem to parallel this reality are to be taken lightly, for some dreams do in fact deliver messages from the subconscious or the beyond as an awakening or a foreshadowing of events to come. If this sounds contradictory, I understand! However, discernment of dreams, rather than interpretation, can be one's best approach and feeling a dream out provides depth and understanding.

     Without further ado, here is the drawing I created to represent the standout object in the dream, the bow. I also included writing along the side of the paper, as I remembered the conversation I had and powerful words that I remembered from the dream.

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