Sunday, July 22, 2012

Reinstating the Blog!

I am reinstating my blog as a means to promote my purpose serving others as an art therapist and active artists. I feel too long I have been allowing my creative processes to stagnate, thus disavowing my gifts and talents as an artist. Furthermore, in so doing, I feel it has stunted my growth as an art therapist, and for me, both careers are hand-in-hand, symbiotic, and stimulating to one another. I am including a few pieces I have recently created as a way of creating art alongisde my clients. I will not include art my clients have made unless I have their strict permission to do so. At this time however, I have not asked permissin and have not as of yet decided when I will.
The image with magazine pictures is a collage I did with a 17 year old female client I recently began working with. I use this art directive of locating images in a magazine that represent who the person is at this time in their life. Individuals tend to find images resonating with their personal tastes, future goals, and favorite tv shows, movies, music, celebrities. It is a casual, yet, sincere method of sharing information between myself as the art therapist and the client. I believe it creates a space for client and therapist to meet halfway, while at the same time allowing for ebb and flow of information and energetic exchange.

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