Saturday, July 28, 2007

Still Life Drawing

Even though this is an aside from my usual work of abstraction, I enjoy drawing realistically, if not with a flare for fauvism. I had this still life set up for my drawing classes at the summer school and could not ignore the urge to draw it myself. I oftentimes use too many lines when I create an image such as this, but it is an ongoing process of overcoming this sort of "safety blanket" of too many lines to hide my fear of incorrectly drawing the subject. (And I tend to use too many words to describe it, too!)
Anyways, I was pleased with the outcome, and had fun photographing the details to illuminate the build up of lines and colors that shape the subjects themselves.
Also, I have realized that this swelling urge to draw should not be ignored, as it is akin to the urge to show appreciation for gifts you have received and using them wisely and positively.