Sunday, May 27, 2007

Senior Exhibit

These are a majority of pieces in the senior show, which sadly came down May 13th. I didn't realize how much of myself was in the show until I started peeling off my name and show title with a razor and flicking the vinyl letters into a garbage can. But I believe the show was beautiful and well worth all the trouble and stress!! Would I do it again, absolutely! (Only wiser!!)

Friday, May 4, 2007

Process of the Process

I've come through to the finish line, and my senior exhibit launched on April 30, 2007 as the "Process of the Process" in the Upper Gallery. I passed orals and have 10 paintings up in representation of my thesis investigation into texture, color, and initmacy with paint. Although all very different, all have common thought threads that transcend the ordinary, as is visible in my artist statement:

My work visually articulates moments of inspiration that transcend ordinary life. I take a moment of inspiration and process it intuitively through developing texture and color to enhance the surface and create a plane which the viewer can experience. A tangible texture is created by adding sawdust or layering oil pastels over embedded circles. Focusing on the creation of marks through the process of developing the planar surface is as important as the final product.
Furthermore, below the physcial layers of paint and sawdust and oil pastels, is the spiritual belief that art has a purpose to it, and creating it through a process of initial inspiration, thought, delivery, and completion, one exists in each moment and continues to exist in the painting long after the painting is completed. And from experiencing the painting(s), one may find inspiration for themselves as an artist or as a human being, to feel more positive about life and living it.